Tell a tale 79: Celestial

#11 billet-doux

When your laughter is thunder, I crack open like the sky struck by lightening.

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Not a tale 22: Coming home

#10 billet-doux

When my words will creep into your heart,
Like the train pulling into the station slowly,
I will know that I am home.

Going home back then, was not the same as today; by boarding a plane.By the time, I took my first flight from Chennai to Calcutta, I was already 24 years old.

On the other hand, trains, I have known all my life. Every summer holiday we would take a trip to our Grandma’s place by Tamil Nadu express. In the peak summer heat, armed with can of “Milton” (filled with ice cubes) we would travel across the country, reading books curled up on the “top berth” and singing songs, at the top of our lunges. It took 24 h to reach Bhopal from Chennai. Mostly, fun filled 24 h.

Arriving by train always felt synonymous to coming home for it did not matter if we went from Bhopal to Chennai or vice versa, we were always going home.

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Not a tale 21 : Jan of 2021

Life is as much about the big things as small.
It is about experiencing the sunrise, a cup of hot coffee, in shared laughter ,a long drive, reading a good book , cycle rides in spring, mango shakes, lazy hot afternoons, long walks in autumn, in a colour filled pallet….this year I would like to live more in these small moments. So though weekends have been busy, a jaunt to the snow kingdom could not be resisted.

Leaving you with a picture I took today and a few lines which are part of the billet-doux series.( which come to me usually, in boring work meetings😉)

#9 billet-doux

Be the snow that blankets our memories, keeping them warm, all through winter.

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Not a tale 20: Good Girls Revolt

Recently, I binge watched “Good Girls Revolt” , ( link to a good article) and though Amazon cancelled it( shock) , it was undoubtedly something right up my alley.

The first thing that comes to mind is that 50 years hence , so many of these issues continue to resonate…racism, being talked down to, when your words go unacknowledged until the next white male says it, unequal pay ,lewd talk , crude jokes ….

All said and done, it is important to continue to stand up for small, seemingly insignificant things. You can do too…join the revolt for every small step counts.Next time someone cracks a gender joke,do your part, do not laugh along and then maybe in another 50 years our daughters will not feel the same way.

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Tell a tale 78: Tango

#8 billet-doux

Be the shard of light
That reveals my love
That rests like
Dust particles in air
Invisible but there.

Be the wind
That will pick up
The zillion pieces of me
That lay scattered
Waiting for you
To blow me home.

Be the Sun
To my Moon
That sets
For a time
So that
I may shine.

Be our tango
One of ages
Together yet apart
You be in my heart
For the ones that love us
Never really leave us.

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Tell a tale 77: Gravity

#7 billet-doux

When the day sets
I will raise like the moon
Over the ocean in you
That will crash and tide
Tremble and sigh
For as long as it’s night.

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Tell a tale 76: Warmth

#6 billet-doux

Come wear my words like a warm coat on a cold winter night ….

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