Tell a tale 74: One year

Though you hold tight everything dear
Let the mind be without fear
It it’s meant to be
It will be
For now let’s garner hope
Spring is almost here to help us cope …

Note: I wrote this on this day last year on FB and found it in memories today…. makes me realise we are getting close to 1 year home-working anniversary.

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19 billet-doux : Moon

Sometimes Saturdays evenings are set alight by moonlight…

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Tell a tale 73: Tulips in my garden

I am falling. The rush against my face jarring, the pull of gravity compelling… I drop with a thud, in a white garden of black tulips. I get up and meander the paths, as the tulips sing to me about castles, knights and princesses of exotic lands. I laugh, I cry, I run like the wind with the mad hatter giving me the chase and suddenly find myself on a bench waiting for the train. I am reading a white page, filled with words in black ink and I find myself falling, falling …..

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19 billet-doux : A hue

If your fingertips were to graze my skin, they would come off tinted with poetry about you.

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Not a tale 24: Book review- Sharks in the time of saviours

This is the first book I have read this year and it fell flat . I struggled to finish it and did it only because I did not want the very first book of this year to be left half read.

The Hawaiian culture and dialect was hard to decipher and I felt I was grappling most of the time to understand it. Th e story is about a family with 3 children. One of the boys has a gift and the book is mostly about how this changes the family dynamics .At first the book was slow and I kept waiting for something to happen and then it suddenly picked up with the abrupt death of one of siblings and fell into the dredges once again.

That said , I am in indeed in the minority and maybe it was just not my book or maybe the timing was all wrong . Anyway if you read it I hope you have better luck with it than I did.

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#18 billet-doux : Free

When I did not
See me in your eyes
I took all my love
Wove them into words
On a string of poetry
And bound me to you
But when sun came out
I soaked up all the light
Like a sunflower in a field
That swayed with wind
And set free the words
That reminded me of you.

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Tell a tale 72: Priority

I love red . It ‘s bold unlike me, passionate also unlike me. Sigh, I want a red pair for the school dance. I think it will wake up the other me, buried deep within….that was 30 years ago.

When I see my daughter, I see me. Her eyes full of wonder, she gazes at the red ballerina. The school fest is around the corner. She does not ask as she knows when money is tight, prioritizing is must, but it is important to teach her, its okay to prioritize yourself as first. Red shoes are coming home with us!

Note: I am so happy to find a picture( after such a long time ) that spoke to me of a tale …

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