Tell a tale 2: Seeking Solace


It’s cool to be American. Indian Americans are cooler. Sought after even. Exotic some said. Gradually the Indian colors blended with the American. Hot dosai was replaced by Cereal breakfast. Filter capi made way for Star bucks. He stopped wearing lungi and switched to shorts, she stopped wearing salwar kurta and filled her wardrobe with dresses, tops, and skirts. Diwali celebrations were second to Thanksgiving and Halloween. They spoke English at work and were praised that is was flawless, almost native they were told. Well they had worked hard at nailing the accent. With the green card in hand they were almost American. Running the last lap now.

Then when a really bad day came along, they switched on the ultra-grinder given to her by her amma and made idlis from scratch finding comfort in the process. The soothing sound of the grinder. The piping hot idilis that came out of the cooker. Ending the meal with hot fiter capi.

Sometimes, the known is what makes us feel at home.

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1 Response to Tell a tale 2: Seeking Solace

  1. Indrani Kailas says:

    Very typical!


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