Tell a tale 25: Storm in my heart

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Tell a tale 24: Ever yours

I cannot wipe the pearls that streak your face Because hurt cannot be wiped away in haste

For there are sorrows so deep and dark
That the tides must raise and fall for them to heal

I cannot give you direction
Because the storms must cease before you seek home

For every soul is a traveler seeking destiny
That is your journey to make and I cannot bear to steal

I cannot offer you words of wisdom
Because that is yours to acquire not mine to give

For words cannot sooth the pain
That has to see the red heights before it fades

I cannot be the candle which will end your night
I cannot sweep away the dark clouds and promise a silver lining

But I can sit with you and watch until there is light.

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Tell a tale 23 :Becoming strangers…

Herein lies the reason why it will never be what it could have been between us. The unsaid words have piled up like bricks. The more we choose to ignore the more they become conspicuous. The more we laugh about inconsequential things, the deeper the wound cuts. The more we pretend, the more it becomes real.

Like a festered wound the damage is becoming irrevocable. Every walk down the memory lane leaves a haze of pain. The carefully indexed good memories are becoming more and more difficult to recall.

All the while the invisible wall grows taller . A heavy presence which is slowly becoming a part of us.Ignoring will become second nature. Numbed with pain, riding on indifference we will become what we were pretending to be.

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Tell a tale 22: Move on

What would you not give…

To begin anew
And get away from rues

To gain some space
In a unprecedented haste

But the cleanliness is short-lived
For memories will continue to pile

Some pleasant some bitter
And some forever

The circle of life is on
All you can do is move on.

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Tell a tale 21: Life…

Some of us fall by the wayside
And some of us soar to the stars
Some of us sail through our trouble
And some have to live with the scars

And maybe some of us have a little bit of all …

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Tell a tale 20:There yet not there

When my eyes finally find you
It may not lead to our renaissance

But in that fleeting moment
Which will remain sacrosanct

I will glimpse in your eyes
The hidden acquiescence

That all that we shared
Was beautiful and rare.

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Tell a tale 19: Breaking the habit

You’ve been an obsession
Akin to a terrible addiction

That I wanted to get rid
But then never actually did

I wonder what keeps you away
But for that occasional sway

Maybe the truth is too hard to bear
And so I look for excuses everywhere

Someday the dawn will light upon on me
And the indifference you feel will set me free.

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