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Tell a tale 22: Move on

What would you not give… To begin anewAnd get away from rues To gain some spaceIn a unprecedented haste But the cleanliness is short-livedFor memories will continue to pile Some pleasant some bitterAnd some forever The circle of life is … Continue reading

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Tell a tale 2: Seeking Solace

It’s cool to be American. Indian Americans are cooler. Sought after even. Exotic some said. Gradually the Indian colors blended with the American. Hot dosai was replaced by Cereal breakfast. Filter capi made way for Star bucks. He stopped wearing … Continue reading

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Miss A tells a tale

So Miss A is my daughter who recently turned 4. She knows the word die and I think she understands it too for she has been processing it for a good 3 months now. She is not very fond of … Continue reading

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Tell a tale 1- A tale of abandonment

I am feeling a tad depressed and my mind goes back to the time when I was shiny and bright. The gleam along the edges was enough to attract attention and I think that is how you found me. Soon … Continue reading

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When beginnings and ends merge

Sometimes you know not If the step taken Is forward or backward

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Toll of Time

Once upon a time You were a good friend of mine Endless conversations with almost no reservation But as the clock ticked Fate had us tricked The seasons changed We became estranged The silences lengthened Awkwardness heightened Years later I … Continue reading

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I feel no warmth Or the chill Nonchalance has crept in No smile reaches My very core Left unexplored I ache no more Like an sore Now forgotten Cobwebs have settled In my soul Silent and still Some whisper haunted … Continue reading

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